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For us, "Refinement Forever" is not only a formula, but also the result of a creative and productive process that focuses on our strengths. The balance between technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship injects shapes, colors, fabrics and high-quality materials into life: our jackets become precious works that are preserved over time. We execute all production processes within the company to achieve a perfect balance between technological innovation and craftsmanship.
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    Our is a pioneer in Chinese clothing manufacturing. Since its establishment (1994 to present), we have introduced concepts into product development, style design, standard formulation, material application, supplier cooperation, supply chain management, logistics and transportation, and handover.


    Based on the huge demand in the global market, FIVE OCEANS is dedicated to the design and manufacture of jackets, down jackets, windbreakers, and sweaters. FIVE OCEANS is a company integrating design, manufacturing and marketing. In Australia, New Zealand and the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa all have extensive experience. Our products provide fast solutions for independent brands, companies, clubs, associations, etc. And greatly save the project cost.


We has invested a lot of resources in research and development. And accumulated rich experience and a lot of first-hand data from practice. On this basis, in order to better serve customers, we provide more flexible services. We accept more small and medium customers to complete the MOQ. This is the best solution for emerging entrepreneurs. At present, the clients we have served come from Australia, New Zealand and the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets, and have proven to be the market leader in mature application solutions.

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    The production workshop exceeds 6000㎡, 30 production lines, and more than 120 workers with rich experience. Each month can produce 50k-80k pieces of clothing.


    Before each order is produced, the quality of the fabric is strictly checked. Make sure that what we produce is a very high quality product.


    The design draft will be carefully confirmed with the customer before production. Including the size of each detail, the materials and colors used, the type and weight of the filled down.


    After the design is determined, the board is made. Each model will produce a different cardboard to ensure accurate cutting. We will carefully save the cardboard made by each customer.


    After the details are determined, professional purchasing staff will purchase all the required materials, including fabrics, linings, down, buttons, zippers, sewing threads and so on. Ensure that the order can be completed on time.


    Import intelligent and automatic production equipment, Auto spreading machine, computer cutting table, auto waistband machine  already set and used.


    After the raw materials are ready, they will be handed over to professional tailors for fine sewing. Our tailors have more than 10 years of work experience. Able to provide customers with efficient and high-quality services.


    Using automatic down filling machine, every detail can be filled full, ensuring the filling of down is accurate and efficient.


    The final blocks are stitched together, plus buttons, zippers and other decorations. Become a complete product.


    Our factory has more than 500㎡ of exhibition halls, showing some of the styles of customers we have served. Due to the need for confidentiality, some styles will not be displayed in our showroom.

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